Parents’ Testimonials

Nikka Santos

1. Your reasons for enrolling your child/children in Explorations…

I heard good reviews from other moms. To see for myself, I enrolled my son in the toddler program on a month-to-month basis at first. It turned […]

Kris De Guzman

My eldest daughter graduated from Explorations Preschool 2 weeks ago.  And yes, dear mom friends, I was weeping in the end.   Did my mom and dad ever cry at my graduations?  Or am I just a […]

Barni Escaler

1. What is your reason for enrolling your child in Explorations Preschool?
My son was an early talker with a rich imagination, so I looked for a school that prized expressive language and creativity. A lot […]


Thank you for a truly wonderful experience over these last two-and-a-half years. I was moved by the great dedication that each of Lucy’s teachers and classroom aides displayed in helping her become more socialized, and […]

Students’ Testimonials

Mika De Guzman

Explorations was fun because in the Beavers(class), we got to play with a doll house in the dramatic play area and it had nice details. I liked Giraffes because in the dramatic play area, we […]