1. Your reasons for enrolling your child/children in Explorations…

I heard good reviews from other moms. To see for myself, I enrolled my son in the toddler program on a month-to-month basis at first. It turned out to be a positive experience. So from a month-to-month “trial” my son has been here 4 school years later now along with his little sister.

2. In what ways did Explorations help your child/ children? (currently enrolled and alumni)

Explorations has helped my kids love school. They look forward to learning and making friends. They have had good relationships with their teachers – including aides and staff. I think this has had a positive effect on how they deal with adults and “authority” figures without any pressure, my son became an early reader and easily took to math and other skills. More important, both my son and daughter are curious imaginative “happy learners.”

3. Would you recommend Explorations to other parents? Why?

Yes! In Explorations, your child’s curiosity and creative spirit will not be quashed. They will learn to love learning- that numbers, letters and reading are subjects they can enjoy mastering. I have also been touched about how genuinely caring the teachers are. They always have keen insights on the children’s capabilities and characters. Children have access to good books and learning materials too. Projects and activities are so well thought off as well.