Thank you for a truly wonderful experience over these last two-and-a-half years. I was moved by the great dedication that each of Lucy’s teachers and classroom aides displayed in helping her become more socialized, and more confident in herself and others. When I enrolled her as a toddler, I was hoping that her first  experience of school would be a happy, warm, and positive one, and Explorations exceeded my expectations in every way. I am especially grateful for the way that her special needs were catered to, always handled with sensitivity and tact. Because of the gentle way in which her condition was handled, she feels no different from her peers, which is exactly what we were hoping.

Much gratitude goes to her teachers: Jinky, Pat, DM, Nell, Ann, Tere, Papot, Jan, Trish, Calvin, Grace and Carmina, and to the very helpful classroom aides: Jasmin, Perla, Lalaine, Mel and Baby. We will miss them and are grateful for their warmth and dedication, which made Lucy’s first steps toward leaning and the world outside the home happy and exciting.

Best Wishes,