Chinese Program

Research shows that the general rule for learning a new language is “the earlier, the better.”

By exposing children to other languages at an early age, you are giving them the opportunity to tap into their natural ability to hear and distinguish the sounds of other languages, and their capacity to make sense of what they are hearing. The best way to help your young child learn a second language is for a specific adult to speak to them consistently using the language. In case there is no one at home who can do so, an interactive, developmentally appropriate language class can be an alternative.

If Mandarin is your choice of second language for your child, Explorations offers an/a after/before school Chinese Program. Although it is not meant to be an intensive language program, the Explorations Chinese Program seeks to expose the children to the Mandarin language through developmentally appropriate activities such as simple interactions, songs, games and stories. It will be held in Explorations for 30 minutes, once a week, scheduled before or after your child’s regular preschool class.

Our Chinese teacher is Teacher Becky Huang. She is currently a Chinese tutor of students from various Chinese schools such as Xavier and ICA. She was also a former member of the faculty of ICA.