1. What is your reason for enrolling your child in Explorations Preschool?
My son was an early talker with a rich imagination, so I looked for a school that prized expressive language and creativity. A lot of schools claim to cater to these areas of learning, but then I met the teachers and staff and immediately thought, “yeah, this is the place.”

2. In what ways did Explorations Preschool help your child?
He’s confident, secure, unafraid to say what he thinks and feels, and learning to navigate the complexities of school friendships and politics with the help of teachers who’ve really made it their business to ensure his overall well-being. And while losing is never easy for my son, he’s able to regulate himself much better, because his school is a learning environment that recognizes that failure is an option and often a stepping stone to becoming exceptional at something.

3. Would you recommend Explorations Preschool to other parents? Why or Why not?
Yes! If a parent’s goals are to find a place where their child’s language will bloom and thrive, where they will learn to deep-dive into a subject matter instead of skimming the surface, where children are valued and have a voice, then Explorations is the place. If that parent wants to become part of a community where teachers stay attuned to best practices, cutting-edge methods of teaching, tirelessly train themselves to remain at the forefront of education, then Explorations is an excellent starting point.