EXPLORATIONS was established in April 1999 by early childhood professionals. The founding partners aimed to establish a preschool in the tradition and research-based standards of Bank Street College of Education in New York City. It opened with 24 students aged 2 – 4 years old and a staff and faculty of 6.

Cast in the mold of a Bank Street approach, classroom methodologies and standards are backed by a research base, there is a commitment to developing a child’s competence in all areas of development and an abiding respect for the individual child’s uniqueness.

Committed to excellence in early childhood education since it’s inception, EXPLORATIONS ensures the quality of its programs through its unique in-service teacher training program. The exponential growth of EXPLORATIONS in succeeding years is attributed to families recognizing the school’s commitment to excellence.

Through these years of growth, EXPLORATIONS has diversified. The school is a practicum site for students in early childhood education courses from University of Asia and the Pacific, De La Salle University and Assumption College. EXPLORATIONS also offers after school programs, summer school classes, and development seminars for parents, teachers and caregivers.


Advocating the Developmental-Interaction approach, EXPLORATIONS commits to offer:

  • A low child-to-adult ratio to allow for individualized attention, since each child is a unique person with an individual pace and pattern of growth.
  • An atmosphere that encourages children to make decisions, express their feelings, share and cooperate with their peers, and be sensitive to others, because a child’s physical, emotional and social development are as important as their cognitive development.
  • Mature, caring teachers who love to learn and have solid backgrounds in early childhood education, recognizing that the preschool teacher’s role in promoting a positive school experience affects a child’s future attitude toward school.
  • An integrated curriculum utilizing quality educational materials and hands-on experiences that support and develop the child’s unique interests and multiple intelligences.
  • A venue for strong home-school ties through parent and caregiver development programs, formal and informal parent-teacher conferences, and opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classroom.
  • Teacher training programs to improve the standards of classroom instruction in the Philippines.


Through a guiding philosophy that upholds respect and applies research-based methodologies, EXPLORATIONS shall be the paragon of progressive pre-school and kindergarten education for children, families and educators in the Philippines.

Philosophy & Goals

The way we teach and our entire school set-up is based on current theories about child development and learning. We advocate these theories not just because they are current, but because we have had experiences in school settings where these were applied and have seen the positive effects on our present and former students, some whom are young adults. Most importantly, the theories are compatible with what we beleve in. We believe that we have a responsibilty for children. Taking this responsibility means educating the child to be as competent as he/she can be: physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively, while respecting each child’s pace and pattern of development.

EXPLORATIONS PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN advocates a Developmental – Interaction approach. Simply put, there are three main considerations when planning our curriculum. First, we take into consideration the child’s developmental level. Second, for optimal learning to take place, children actively interact with people and materials in their environment and reflect upon these interactions. And third, there is an interaction between thinking and feeling: we pay equal attention to teaching skills and knowledge and attitudes and values.

EXPLORATIONS advocates the following:

  • all children to be respected and cared for. Their best interests are the primary consideration in the development of the school program.
  • each child is a unique person with an individual pace and pattern of growth as well as individual temperaments, strengths, interests, learning styles and family and cultural backgrounds. These differences are to be valued, supported and addressed.
  • children’s cognitive development cannot be separated from their personal and social development.
  • cognitive competence involves the ability to problem solve, explore ideas and materials, acquire and order information, use symbols in literacy, math and art in a developmentally appropriate manner, construct knowledge rather than copy and learn drills.
  • personal and social competence means autonomy in thought and action, taking risks, knowing personal limits and seeking help when needed, caring about others, initiating friendships, and developing an awareness of connectedness with family, community and the physical and natural environment.
  • children learn best when actively exploring and interacting with peers, teachers and materials.
  • work and play should be joyful and a source of learning discovery and mastery.
  • not only children’s products, but also their processes in creating are valuable.
  • children can express their thoughts and feelings through various forms: language, movement, music, art, etc.
  • children’s learning should be the source of further learning and always significant to them.
  • teachers not only teach skills and concepts in school but communicate attitudes and values as well.
  • the school is a partner of families and thus shares the family’s role in educating the child.

Contact Information and Location

Address: 928 Luna Mencias cor. Socorro Fernandez St., Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No.: (632)724-3320
Telefax: (632)724-4271
Mobile No.: (+63) 917-541-3320
Email Address: admin@explorations.edu.ph